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We understand light and lighting. 

Light is not simply light. Properly used, it becomes an emotion, an art form and a stage. With our years of technical experience in the field and an assortment of more than 55,000 lights featuring the most modern LED technology, we create the ideal atmosphere for you, your brand and your event.

Sol AL 20
Sol SL 20
Apollo AL 100
Caesar S 150
Felix SL 100
Orion WL 30
Samson S 70
Sedna 40

We have what you are looking for.

All these products, categories, colors, scattering angles and system booth options might make you unsure of how to find the right combination for your needs. If so, our new online configurator can help – by taking you through the process step-by-step. And if you have any questions, please call us. We are happy to be of assistance!

The right atmosphere sells products.

In Europe softer lighting is preferred, while the Asian market tends toward clearer, more dazzling light. Certain products need to be presented in a way that awakens emotion, others should be placed under cooler light to emphasize details. Knowing these differences is our job – so our clients’ products can shine.

We understand your requirements.

Our lights are wired and pre-assembled, simple to set up, and easily modified for last-minute special requests.

This is what matters.

Our products offer cutting-edge technology, low energy consumption, fewer maintenance requirements, long service life and reliability.