About Us

Founded in 1979, Electronica is one of the leading specialists in the area of technical solutions, lighting technology and retail services. We provide services for commercial clients in retail, manufacturing, the service industry, urban planning and trade fairs, as well as for exclusive residential property in the private sector.

In 2015, we implemented a digital planning tool, offering trade fair companies a data and ordering platform for the lighting of system stands. Electronica creates efficient processes and customer-oriented solutions.

Our new head office in Kelkheim was completed in the same year, and further offices and warehouses are found directly on the exhibition grounds in Frankfurt, Cologne, Berlin and, event-related, in Paris.

Headquarters in Kelkheim (Taunus)


Artificial light is more than just what shines from a lightbulb. Light has an impact – it activates, motivates, creates change.

At Electronica, we are highly aware of this. We know how to produce light, how to direct and use it. We understand the value of good lighting, and we believe in the importance of precision, care and reliability, which flows into every field of activity we engage in.

At the core of our business, we create light fields and areas of communication, personal well-being and professional success. We belong to the leading specialists in this field and shine the spotlight on our customers with the utmost dedication. It is our aim to continuously and seamlessly provide optimal conditions. This motivates us in everything we do.

Electronica – Lights you up.



We take care of the details and apply ourselves with dedication to every new project, regardless of size or volume.


It is our ambition to remain ahead of the curve, just as we anticipate our clients’ requirements as they continue to develop.


Inevitably, our projects must be realized according to tight schedules. We create solutions to ensure we deliver on time.

Marcel Paetzold, Managing Director
Marcel Paetzold
Changing perceptions of what is possible.

Marcel Paetzold was born into the world of lighting and technical services and took his first steps – literally – on the Frankfurt trade fair grounds.

After completing his studies in Business Administration and gaining experience abroad, he took on the management of Electronica in 2011, with a wide-ranging understanding of the company’s day-to-day activities. Yet his first question to the technical specialists was: “Why is a rectangular fair booth illuminated with a round beam of light?”

This sparked an inspirational, creative collaboration between international partners, producing a new generation of lights. By generating a square cone of light, the bulbs can now spotlight a rectangular surface, completely and without shadows.

Henry Paetzold, Founder

Henry Paetzold 1959 - 2011

Even at a young age, Henry Paetzold had the ambition of building a truly special company.

That vision inspired him to establish Electronica in 1979. With his remarkable motivation, his technical creativity and his professional expertise, he developed Electronica into a leading authority in lighting technology and electrical services.

In 2011, at the height of his success, Henry Paetzold passed away. His son Marcel has continued his legacy since then.

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