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Every event is special.

Whether you need lighting, acoustics, image and video technology or rigging and cross beams, we understand how important your event is to you. Our extensive inventory of technical components, kept on hand in our warehouses, allows us to implement your concept, quickly and precisely.

We have big plans.

Our clients have great vision and the technical world offers a never-ending stream of innovation and development. Our strength lies in bringing these elements together, combining them with our passion and many years of professional experience.

We know what is important to you.

Our goal is placing the spotlight on you, your brand and your product, expertly guiding the required light and sound so you can shine. Your success and satisfaction are what inspire us to provide outstanding solutions. In addition to decades of experience, what we gladly offer you is an exceptional focus on quality, punctuality and technical expertise.

Large events need professional support.

Thanks to our experience, we complete most of our projects during normal working hours. Does your event require extra commitment on a weekend? After 11 in the evening or before 3 in the morning? If so, you can rely on us. We are there whenever you need us.